James White and Dennis Hutchings at Plymouth Crown Court
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Dennis Hutchings

Footage and pictures of Dennis Hutchings attending Court in Plymouth today. Well done for those who could make it to…

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Gavin Harry Wragg Live 11/9/19

Continue Reading... Op Zulu RVs announced!

Op Zulu RVs announced!

We now have Outer London RV points at 6 services confirmed! Please keep your eye on your favourite RV for…

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Operation Zulu

A Rolling Thunder Event Location : Westminster. DTG: Saturday 28th Sept 2019 Personnel and equipment: Bikes, Foot Soldiers, Boats, Military…

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Rolling Thunder Soldier F Ride April 12th 2019

A documentary by Woody

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MVM Birmingham (Midlands) Group October 19th 2019 ROLLING THUNDER ONLY!! Here is your information regarding timings and RVs. Those leaving…

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Operation Red Dragon

Bridgend !4th October 2019 See our Wales page

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There but for the grace of God

I read an article recently. It was written by an Army officer who served in N.I. and how he came…

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It’s a family affair

My boys (13 & 11) are so chuffed that they are going to be marching beside their Dad on the…

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Rolling Thunder Scotland

For all those wanting to attend Rolling Thunder Op Zulu on Sept 28th in Edinburgh Please meet up at the Bikers…