Respect our Veterans Ride 8th May – Foot Soldier Info

Destination – Parliament Square
Arrive from 1100 Sat 8 May

Enough is Enough

At RVs, meet points and in Parliament Square ALL attendees must observe the following Covid-19 Guidelines, Govt Covid Roadmap rules and personal safety measures in accordance with our risk assessment required by Met police

  • Please wear face coverings where at all possible – unless actually exempt
  • Please carry a small bottle of sanitiser for personal use and wear gloves if possible
  • Social distancing should be maintained, wherever possible – and at all times – between attendees who are from different households or support bubbles, and between attendees and staff, speakers, Police and/or general public.
  • Social distancing should be maintained, wherever possible, at 2m or 1m with risk mitigation i.e. Face Covering.
  • Social interactions must follow government guidelines on social contact – Rule of 6
  • Act in a safe, professional and respectful manner regarding space and interaction

Personal Safety

Please do not try to “high 5” riders and stay behind any safety barriers or on the pavement. 

Timings on the day

  • GP & Admin meet Trafalgar Square @ 0730
  • Security Team meet Trafalgar Square @ 0800
  • GP, Admin Team @ Security Breakfast Briefing
  • Marshalls @ Stewards meet Trafalgar Square @ 1000
  • Medics & First Aiders meet Trafalgar Square @ 1000-1030
  • Rolling Thunder Foot Soldiers start to gather Trafalgar Square 1100
  • March to Parliament Square @ 1200, Admin Staff
  • Rolling Thunder Bikes arrive 1230-1315
  • JM, to make speech to all that attend 1330