Dennis Hutchings

This page contains the latest information we have on the arrangements for the Funeral of Dennis Hutchings including RV for bikes/cars etc

The funeral of WO1 (RCM) Dennis Hutchings will take place Thursday 11th November at 1300hrs. It will be held at:

The Minster Church of St Andrew
Royal Parade

Family Flowers only please.

Main RV and Route


The RV for bikes has changed.
The original route suggested to us was not going to work with the numbers expected and the layout of the roads/junctions.We have secured a closer RV location in Plymouth and a shorter route that keeps us safer, providing an easier mass “column” ride and allows the police and council to support us better.
Below are screenshots of new RV and route for rider information. Captions contain additional details.
We are sorry about the delay but with 3 other agencies involved as well as the Family this has not been an easy task.

RV: Coypool Retail Park, Marsh Mills, Coypool Road, Plymouth PL7 4SS by 1200 latest – Ready To Move 1215

Yellow area is main primary parking for RV green square is secondary parking if required
Route Overview
Embankment to city
Across City
City to Royal Parade, bikes will be directed to parking from Western End of Royal Parade, official cars will return easterly along Royal Parade and to the church (green square)

Those on foot are requested to meet on Royal Parade to meet the Cortege which will head west down Royal Parade and return eastbound before heading to the front of the church .