Op Thunderbolt – Regional RVs

If you are organising a regional RV or group  please try to liase with one of the below. If you contact Dave Holmes (Rolling Thunder admin and webmaster) with details we can publish it on this page.


A1 Tyneside, M1 Yorkshire

Lead Rider – TBC

Engines start at 03.00
03.05 leave Washington services.
03.20 Durham services (Marshall will ride through)
03. 40 Scotch corner services (Marshall will ride through)
03. 55 Leeming Bar services (Marshall will ride through)
04. 30 Wetherby services (15 minute fuel & rest stop)
05.15 Ferrybridge services (Marshall will ride through)
05.55 Woodall services (15 minute fuel & rest stop)
07.10 Leicester Forest East Services (20 minute fuel & rest stop)
07.45 Watford Gap services (Marshall will ride through)
08. 00 Northampton services (Marshall will ride through)
08.15 Newport Pagnell services (Marshall will ride through)
08.30 Toddington services (Marshall will ride through)
09.00 London Gateway services… Main RV. (Fuel and rest stop) Leave London Gateway with main group 10.45

M1 LFE Direct Run, rolling pickups at Northampton, Newport Pagnell and Toddington Services.

Co-ordinator –  Terry Murphy

0700 Arrival LFE M1 Southbound
0730 Depart LFE
Rolling Collection points as follows.

08. 00 Northampton services (Marshall will ride through)
08.15 Newport Pagnell services (Marshall will ride through)
08.30 Toddington services (Marshall will ride through)

Final destination London Gateway for pitstop and departure with main group.

A1 Peterborough and Eastern Region

Co-ordinator – Titch Stu Burnham
Wisbech/March/Guyhirn Lead Dave Holmes
Shell Garage (nr A47/A141 roundabout Guyhirn)
Depart – 0620
Arrive Peterborough 0700 
Damon’s car park
Depart – 0520
Arrive Peterborough 0700
Market Square
Depart – 0600
Arrive Colsterworth 0630, Peterborough 0700
Meet – 0600
Brief – 0615
Depart – 0630  for Peterborough arriving 0700
Meet – 0700
Brief – 0715
Depart – 0730 for Baldock Services
Baldock Services
Meet – 0800
Brief – 0830 – 0845
Depart – 0900
From there we head to London Gateway.  For ease of passage onto M25 we may split the column into 2 or 3 groups departing 5 mins apart.
If you’re running down A1 from north of Peterborough coordinate your runs to tie up with Titch Stu Burnham. We’re aiming for a single large column building on its run into London.


Bedfordshire, A1 BP Wyboston. MK44 3AA

Co-ordinator – Clive Proctor
BP Wyboston Southdown
0845 arrive at services
0900 Depart
A421 – M1 to London Gateway.

NorthWest Run, M6 Knutsford Svcs southbound.

Co-ordinator – Ian Thompsom

0600 Arrival Knutsford
0630 Depart knutsford
Collection points as follows.
Sandbach 06.45
Keele 7.15
Hilton Park.7.45
Warwick tbc
Beaconsfield tbc…
Heading for Heston RV
Pack will leave Knutsford 0630 sharp!
We will be stopping at Warwick for a small break and fuel…please fuel as soon as you get to Warwick as we are on a tight schedule 

South Wales Run, M4 Magor Services

Co-ordinator – Taff VP Armcc (TBC)

0600 Arrive and meet Magor Services
0630 Depart Magor
0700 (approx) call in Leigh Delamere
Heading for Heston RV

West of England Rolling Thunder

Feeder ride to M4 Heston Services RV.
Co-ordinator Phil Resteghini
0715 Gordano Services J19 M5
0800 Leigh Delamere Service M4 Eastbound
0820 Passing J16 M4
0840 Passing J13 M4
0855 Passing J12 M4
0930 Arrive Heston Services Eastbound.
This gives us a bit of leeway and up to an hour to get refreshments, refuel and attend the briefing prior to the 1030 departure with the main group.
All timings are approximate so please ring me on 07909 444246 for updates on the morning.
All are welcome to join us.

Hastings, Esso Garage A21 TN37 7PB

0800 Arrive and meet Esso Garage A21 Sedlescombe Rd North, Hastings
0830 Depart and ride to Clackett Lane Services (main RV) M25

Poole Run, via Picketts Post, Winchester Svcs and Fleet Svcs.

Co-ordinator – Andy Byers

0645 Arrival Poole
0700 Depart Poole
Collection points as follows.
Picketts Post 0750
Winchester Services  0825
Fleet Services 0925
Arrive Heston Services Main RV  1010 for refuel etc and leave with main group.