Soldier “F” is an un-named former member of The Parachute Regiment who has been accused of 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of attempted muder in the so called “bloody sunday” riots in Londonderry in 1972, he has previuosly been cleared of any wrong doing and no new evidence has been found. The deaths occured when the Para’s returned fire after the IRA opened fire first from behind the rioters.

These are the known and as yet unknown veterans whose actions in Northern Ireland are being re-investigated 40-50 years after the event. All shootings have already been investigated and shown to be legitimate.

No. Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement “negotiated” by Tony Blair all On The Run paramilitaries were given Letters of Comfort which basically stop any prosecutions for crimes already commited (all actions by paramilitaries were illegal). There is no such protection available to the British Military who were following orders handed down by HM Govt and legally obeyed.

Rolling Thunder started as a facebook group to show support for Soldier F by forming a protest ride to Central London. Full story here. This website was put together by two of the group members to give a public face to Rolling Thunder and highlight the plight of veterans. We will support and publicise all similar groups and their actions in the news and events sections of the website.

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