14th March 2019 – it was announced that an ex Para (Soldier F) was to be prosecuted for Murder. This related to his returning fire at the so called Londonderry “Bloody Sunday” riots in 1972. All military shootings in Northern Ireland were investigated at the time and he had been cleared of any wrong doing. This news incensed many HM Forces Veterans, amongst them a Veteran (and biker) called Harry who was a) concerned and b) becoming increasingly angry at how Veterans were being treated. He wanted to do something to show his support and to show the Vets that not just other vets but also civilians were behind them and felt angry at the injustice. The only way he felt he could show his support was to get on his bike and ride to Westminster and the more he thought about it the more determined he became to do it.

18th March 2019 – Harry decided to ask some mates to join him and (after a gin or 2) went live on fb and told everyone how he was feeling and what he was planning on doing and hoped a few hundred or even thousand bikers would join him. Watch here
The response was phenomenal with people from all over the world- Vets, Serving and Non Military vouched their support and wish to join him. He was completely taken aback by the response but because it was so positive he felt he couldn’t not do it do went ahead and the rest as they say is history – literally! Over the nest 3 weeks a facebook group was started, plans made and even the Met Police “volunteered” to help and by early April it looked like as many as 5000 bikes plus some foot soldiers were going to attend, nobody knew as it was all based on promise and trust. Harry’s plan was coming to fruition….

12th April 2019 – Rolling Thunder hit London town!
All hoped for numbers were exceeded, according to Met Police figures the actual attendees were –

  • 22,000 bikes
  • 30,000 Riders and Pillions
  • 5000 foot Soldiers

History was made!!