Rider Information

All riders are to be aware of the following points.

  • Access to The Long Walk is via Park Street SL4 1LB ONLY – there will be no ‘bike access via A308
  • Due to Changing of the Guard which passes through the streets of Windsor  there are road closures and access limitations. As a result ALL bikes will need to be parked on the Castle Grounds by 1030 latest. If you miss this time slot there will be a limited opportunity to join the Ride after the Guard Change before the Wreath Laying. 
  • To allow pedestrian access for general public and official Crown Vehicles/Emergency Services etc all bikes will be parked 3 abreast on the east (left) side of The long Walk – there will be parking marshalls. 
  • Please make sure you bring “pucks” in case we run out of hardstanding parking.
  • Once parked bike engines are not to be started or run unless necessary and DEFINITELY NOT during the Changing of the Guard unless officially directed to do so in the event of an emergency.
  • Please follow any instructions from Admin, Marshalls, Crown Estate staff, Council staff, Police and any other official persons.
  • All rules of the road must be followed at all times during the ride, helmets are to be worn and riders must not take it upon themselves to deliberately “block” road junctions or roundabouts.
  • When leaving we will controlling the flow of bikes onto A308 to cause the lease disruption to local traffic. You must stop if directed to do so. 

Schedule of Events – Windsor and London – Click here