Rider Info

Formup – The Mall
ETA 1200-1300 Good Friday 15th April

Foot soldiers will be in and around Whitehall/Parliament Square for arrival of bikes from 1200 – feel free to make some noise but please do not high 5 unless stationary

Important rules for all riders whether independent groups or from main RVs 

  • Buckingham Palace end will be blocked off 1030-1200, access via Admiralty Arch during this time.
  • Know who the marshalls are – they are there to help – listen to the briefing.
  • Slower bikes/trikes to the front
  • Stick together by keeping the speed down and waiting if split up – there is plenty of time to get to House of Traitors.
  • Be professional and respect any Police instructions – they are on our side and are there to help.
  • DONT take risks – we dont want anybody getting hurt
  • Be careful at the choke points and near pedestrians around the Final RV
  • DONT bring us into disrepute by illegal or antisocial riding. Left wing press will pounce on it.

Main RV points for bikes

There will be road marshalls at all main RV points to help and guide the ride in.

Heston – between J2 and J3 M4 Departure 1030 – Lead Rider Phil Resteghini

London Gateway – M1 between J2 and J4 (there is no J3) Depart 1045 – Lead riders Max Height and Blue Barnett

South Mimms – M25 J23 and A1(M) J1 – Suitable for L plates! Depart 1030 – 
Lead Rider Jon A Andrews

Thurrock Services – M25 at J30 and J31, A13 and A282 – Suitable for L plates!  Departure 1015 – Lead Rider Mick Curtis

Clacket Lane South – clockwise!- M25 between J5 and J6 Depart 1000 – Lead Rider Andy Jeffries
Additional Pick up at Ikea (upper car park) Valley Retail Park, Purley Way, Croydon CR0 4UZ for approx 10.45 am

Regional and Feed RVs click here

Important information for bikers
It is the responsibility of every rider, to make sure that they, and their bikes are legal. Please make sure you are licensed, taxed and insured, and that your bike is in good enough condition to make the journey. Unfortunately there is no breakdown cover for this ride, so please plan for your own recovery, if the worst happens.

Use google maps and head for Formup as above if you do get seperated

If you dont know about the ULEZ charge in London, might we suggest you check out the Transport for London website and put your registration number in, on the ULEZ page. This will tell you if you have to pay the ULEZ charge, which is currently £12.50…. The zone covers the same area as the congestion charge, (which bikes DO NOT have to pay) and uses the same cameras to catch you… Please check it before you ride.
Click here to check ULEZ